Cinch Software was created in 2017 by Contour Data Solutions, LLC. Fed up with the complexities and costs of some of the larger CRM providers and dealing with a 20% adoption rate of these platform, we decided to do something about it.

We needed simple, we need to focus on our customers and not technology, that’s when Cinch was born.

When we first embarked on this project decided on what was important us for to manage our business, clients, and partnerships.

We started with simple features such as:

True Multi-tenant SaaS
Hybrid Cloud Management
Simple CRM
Easy Quoting
Incident and Device Management
Invoice and Payment

We then decided to incorporate more advanced functionality and automation all the while keeping the platform easy to consume and adoptable across the organization.

Cinch is designed by DevOps pros as part of an application factory that needed agility, flexibility, and control. They could not find the perfect tool, so they built one. It is why we combine the industry’s best Cloud Management, our own CRM, Desk and Workbooks functionality together so that you can seamlessly manage all your relationships from a single pane of glass. The Cinch Platform, is one of the most valuable, game-changing pieces of business technology available because of how simple it is to use. Resolve cases faster using productivity tools that automate redundant admin tasks, so your team can get back to what they do best — providing the best customer support experience.

Customer needs and expectations are always changing. Get the latest technology, with free upgrades, three times a year. And it always comes with enterprise-level security.

Mission: Keep it Simple!

Cinch’s Cloud Management Platform (CMP) provides a rich set of capabilities for discovery, template-based provisioning, orchestration, and automation; operational monitoring and management; governance; and cost optimization across multiple public and private clouds.

With our cloud management platform you can manage a wide array of clouds and cloud services for AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware vSphere, and more. The exclusive plugin architecture can be used to extend orchestration capabilities to any API-enabled cloud service or web service.

Meet our team

CEO and Founder
Rocco Guerriero
CTO and Founder

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